Build Process

Product Resources uses a flexible but proven process for building products for our customers. 

We manufacture a wide range of products, in multiple industries.  Products include: 

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Test Equipment 
  • Medical Robot Control System 
  • Semiconductor Far UV Inspection Equipment 
  • Medical Particle Beam Control Equipment (proton therapy treatment) 
  • Automated Weather Observation Systems 
  • Laser Scattering Polymerization Characterization Instrumentation 
  • Gas Detection Instruments for Hazardous Areas 
  • Verification Instrumentation for Nuclear Plant Pressure Relief Valves 
  • Nano-Liter Microfluidic Dispensing Instrument 
  • Analytic Chemistry Robotic Equipment 
  • Cell Therapy Processing Instruments 
  • IoT based Equipment Monitoring Instruments 

The products on this list all have electronics and are controlling a process and measuring parameters but vary widely in their application and technology used. 

  • Some of these products are built in quantities of a few per year to a few dozen per year, so are built in a Batch process.   
  • Others are built in the hundreds or thousands and are more of a continuous, manufacturing process where we use a Work Cell.   

For the range of volumes and range of products that we manufacture, we have developed a flexible system and have automated that system so that we can choose a Batch or Cell build, choose the schedule for shipping, and use the automation to schedule material, workstations, personnel, and other resources necessary to stay on schedule. 

The next few sections give a brief outline of our general build process, from Kitting of Batch builds, to the Build of an assembly, through In-Process and then Final Test and Inspection.