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The 6 Stages of Product Manufacturing – A video series

The product design and manufacturing process is a complex process that requires attention to detail and a commitment to following one stage at a time.

On this page and all connected pages, you will find videos, expanded details and free checklists and templates you can download.

If you have a new product idea, chances are you’ve given a lot of thought to the design of the product, its overall functionality, cost and application for a particular market.

You also want to think about the process – more specifically, the product development and manufacturing process.

You may be tempted to move fast and skip through some of the stages, but you would be doing so with serious risk.

Here is the 6-stage manufacturing process we follow:

Stage 1 – Planning
Stage 2 – Design
Stage 3 – Prototype
Stage 4 – Design for Manufacturing
Stage 5 – Manufacturing
Stage 6 – Post-Manufacturing

You can read about each of these stages individually by clicking on the highlighted item above.

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