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Product Delivery

Your product is finished, ready to be shipped – but hold on a minute.

Before it can go out the door, there are steps – quality control steps – to be sure the product has met all the requirements as specified.

And then there’s packaging or choosing a delivery method.

These are crucial factors to consider.

What is Product Delivery?

With Product Delivery, there is always more than meets the eye.

Yes, the manufacturing of the product is finished, but there’s more to consider before it can be shipped.

Let’s take a look …

Quality Control Checks

Every product needs to go through a Quality Control check before it leaves the building.

For some products, this can be a simple checklist and signoff.

But for others – generally, more complex products especially medical devices – the QC signoff could be extensive with multiple forms and sometimes additional testing that needs to be done.

Product Packaging

Long before the product is built – as part of the Product Design phase – the package design is part of the early discussions.  In many ways, packaging design is treated like any other component that goes into the product itself.

For good reason too, when you try to answer some of these questions:

  • Will the product be shipped in a box?
  • Will the box be custom designed?
  • Will the box have artwork on the outside – like a logo?
  • Will the product need to be assembled upon arrival?
  • Have you provided assembly instructions?
  • What components will be enclosed with the product?
  • Is there a risk the product could be damaged during shipping?
  • What steps can we take to mitigate the damage?
  • Could the product harm anyone handling the box?
  • What type of documentation will be included in the box?
  • How will all this affect the cost of the product?

Product Shipping

Finally, you need to think about where and how the product will be shipped.

  • Will it be shipped on its own – or will it be on a pallet with other products?
  • Will it require special handling – or will it ship via normal delivery services?
  • Will it travel great distances and be exposed to variable temperatures?
  • Will the recipient be expecting the product and know what to do with it?

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Product Delivery

Product Resources CEO John Erickson and Mechanical Engineer Michael Dragonas share their insights on topics related to Product Delivery.


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