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Who we work for – an overview of our clients

Our clients fall into three broad categories – OEMs, Innovation Startups and Product Design/Industrial Design Firms


OEMs, or Original Equipment Manufacturers, represent the largest segment of our client base.

We work with OEMs of all sizes to help them launch new products, improve product efficiency and reliability, reduce manufacturing costs, meet regulatory requirements and manage their manufacturing and post-manufacturing process.

We work with companies that require complex engineering and manufacturing – most commonly, OEMs that produce medical devices, optical devices, life sciences/biotech instrumentation and industrial automation products and equipment.

We offer a full-service approach to product development and manufacturing following our 6-stage manufacturing process.  But we also provide individual product engineering, prototype, DFM and manufacturing services which our clients can access on an as-needed basis.

If you represent an OEM in need of complex engineering and manufacturing support, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your project.


Innovation Startups

Product Resources supports the innovation and entrepreneur community with education, advice and resources geared to startup technology-based businesses.

New product ideas are being developed every day at academic settings, innovation centers and other “incubator” environments.

But turning these ideas into functional and marketable products takes the project beyond the classroom or desktop into real-world manufacturing.

Products need to be designed to specifications, developed into prototypes, prepared for manufacturing and eventually delivered to the manufacturing floor for production and assembly.

At the same time, products need to be tested throughout the process with an eye on regulatory compliance.

This is where that early-stage planning starts to get serious – and where Product Resources can help innovation startup companies.

If you represent an innovation startup in need of engineering and/or manufacturing support or guidance, or if you represent an incubator liaison group, we invite you to reach out and introduce yourself.


Product Design / Industrial Design Firms

Over the years, Product Resources has developed partnership relationships with product design/industrial design firms that were looking for companies to manufacture their clients’ products.

With this relationship, design firms can do what they do best, but still be able to provide their clients with the necessary engineering and manufacturing services to get their products out the door.

If you represent a product design or industrial design firm, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss potential working relationships with you and your clients.




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