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Complex contract manufacturing serving the medical, scientific and industrial communities

Product Resources is a contract manufacturing company with expertise in designing and building complex scientific, medical and industrial equipment.

Based in Newburyport, Massachusetts (USA), Product Resources brings a highly technical and multi-disciplined approach to product development outsourcing.

Our end-to-end product development solutions ensures seamless transition from design to manufacturing to field support:

  • Product design/engineering – prototype development, proof of concept, product testing, regulatory compliance
  • Contract manufacturing – complex product assembly and testing, short-to-medium volume
  • Post-production services/support – inventory management, replacement parts, maintenance, calibration, repair

Regulatory-certified product manufacturing

Recognizing the importance of quality, Product Resources has earned and maintained the following quality certifications:

  • ISO 9001:2015 – approved for engineering design, development, manufacturing and service – certified by TUV.
  • ISO 13485:2016 – approved for medical device manufacturing and service – certified by TUV.

Complex product development

Clients turn to us when they want to build complex, technically advanced instruments, devices and other products.

Product deliverables may include one or more of the following:

  • automation
  • robotic applications
  • integrated systems
  • electro-mechanical assembly
  • complex instrumentation
  • electronic systems
  • precision mechanical systems

Regulatory compliance

Every design and manufacturing project needs to move forward with one eye steadily focused on the appropriate regulatory requirements.

Which requirements you face will depend on your product and where you plan to distribute it.

Every product will be subject to a range of consumer protection, environmental, workplace safety and performance standards.

Compliance is needed throughout the product development process– from the suppliers’ raw materials to design and manufacturing to distribution and supply chain management.

We work in accordance with all major industry standards such as CSA, FM, CE, and UL.  Our team has experience with regulatory agencies from all parts of the globe.


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