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Design for Manufacturing – DFM

Building an efficient process for manufacturing

In the previous stage, we covered the building of prototypes of the product design. No doubt many lessons were learned during the process and “opportunities for improvement” have been identified.

During the Design for Manufacturing (DFM) stage , your product will undergo necessary design changes to correct any design deficiencies identified in the prototyping process and the design and manufacturing process will be updated to improve manufacturability and reliability.

Now is the time to make it manufacturable on a larger scale – whether that’s just a few units per month or an order of several thousand units.

We often think of the design and prototype stages as the fun part of the job because you get to see what the product will ultimately look like.

It’s where you really get a sense that a product is in the making. But it is the Design for Manufacturing stage, or DFM, where the serious business of manufacturing begins to take shape.

A prototype, in and of itself, is not ready for manufacturing. It’s just one unit (or several as the case may be) and the engineering team has been looking it over at every step.

But to produce that product at a production level, steps need to be taken to allow that product to be built efficiently and repeatedly, and without engineers.

Design for Manufacturing is also responsible for all the required documentation, assembly documentation to test procedures.

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Here’s what we’ll cover in Stage 4 – Design for Manufacturing:

  • Design and Beta Build Review
  • Design for Manufacturing Analysis
  • Cost Reduction Analysis
  • Regulatory Testing
  • Traceability
  • Manufacturing Process Review


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