A Guide to Manufacturing Complex Products - an in depth look at the manufacturing process


We prepared this Guide to give you – our customers – a better understanding of the manufacturing process in general, and more specifically, the manufacturing processes we use here at Product Resources. 

If you have been manufacturing products for some time now, chances you’re already familiar with what we’ve published here – although if you are new to us, it might be worthwhile knowing more about how we work. 

But many come to us without that level of experience. They come with very accomplished backgrounds and an in-depth understanding of their own product and development process – but without the necessary experience in manufacturing. This guide is especially for you. 

We prepared this Guide to help you understand not only what needs to be done and will be done, but why. 

We want you to understand the rationale behind each step in our process.  And we want to give you a realistic picture of what to expect along the way. We don’t expect you will read this Guide from cover to cover, so we structured it in a way that would allow you to jump from section to section and quickly find the information you need. 

Of course, we know you will have questions – and we hope this Guide will answer some of those questions for you.  But if not, we always welcome a phone call or an email. 

Our Authors 

This Guide is a team effort drawing upon expertise from every corner of our business. But it was primarily authored by two people: 

John Erickson, CEO at Product Resources jerickson@prodres.com  

Mike Dragonas, Mechanical Engineer at Product Resources Mdragonas@prodres.com