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Product Assembly

Product Resources brings the Product Assembly process under one roof in our 33,000-square foot facility in Newburyport, MA.

Our manufacturing facility is equipped with a large, modern batch assembly area as well as work cells designed for continuous, higher-volume manufacturing.

As a contract manufacturer, we work with multiple clients. When a new project is ready for assembly, we set aside appropriate space on the manufacturing floor and put together a team of trained technicians and assemblers.

Every project gets its own workspace, tools, equipment and a dedicated team.

What is Product Assembly?

When you have multiple clients with multiple projects and multiple schedules, you need a manufacturing facility with the flexibility to adapt.

By design, we’ve built in that flexibility to provide both batch assembly and cell assembly.

This allows us to change our manufacturing process as needed.

Batch Assembly 

Batch assembly is considered the traditional method of manufacturing – most often used for single orders, one-time assembly projects with no continuous manufacturing expectations (at least in the short term).

Batch build is also used to build sub-assemblies or stages of a larger product.

When it’s more efficient to create a supply of sub-assemblies in advance – and then draw from that supply during final assembly – we will set up a batch assembly area for that project. Finished products from the batch area are then returned to inventory or, in some cases, stored in the cell area for that product.

In some cases (even for continuous manufacturing), when products can be more efficiently completed by a single technician in the same work space, batch assembly can used for the full assembly.


Cell Assembly 

Cell assembly, or cellular assembly, is often used for continuous manufacturing where products need to be produced on a regular schedule.

Because cell assembly usually requires a more significant setup, it is only used when there is ongoing demand for new product builds.

A single work cell can be created for a particular project, but in some cases, projects may require multiple work cells.

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Product Assembly

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