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Post-Manufacturing – Service & Support

Installation, training, calibration, maintenance, repair, replacement parts

Your production is up and running – and finished products are being shipped to your customers.

So what’s next? How will your products be delivered, installed and maintained? Who will train the customer in using the product.

At this stage, your focus is on customer service – providing everything the customer needs to make full use of your product.

Depending on the product, this may include a field service technician for installation, setup, and
commissioning, maintenance, a repair depot and metrology lab for factory service and calibration,
and factory training for your service personnel.

Product Resources can provide all of these services.

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Here’s what we’ll cover in Stage 6 – Post-Manufacturing:

  • IQ/OQ/PQ Services
  • Installation/Preventative Maintenance/Field Service
  • Depot Repair Service
  • Spare Parts Supply


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