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Design & Manufacturing for Explosive Atmospheres

All products are designed with an eye on safety, but for those products that will be used in explosive atmospheres, there is an added level of safety and scrutiny.

Intrinsic Safety is one of several protection methods used when designing products that will be used in these hazardous environments.

Intrinsic Safety for products – and their component parts

Product Resources offers Intrinsic Safety design and manufacturing services for instruments, devices and other products – as well as the component parts used to build those products.

Our services vary depending on the product being developed and the environment in which it will be used.  We take into account several factors …

  • The type of product and the energy required to use the product
  • The types of atmospheres in which the product may be exposed
  • The level of exposure to those atmospheres
  • The remedies (and related costs) needed to protect the product from exposure

Multiple protective measures

Every project is different and the protection measures we take can also be different.

Intrinsic Safety is the most common method we use, but as needed, we can also apply methodologies such as Explosion Proof Design or Encapsulation.

Regulatory compliance

Product Resources has been audited for compliance with ISO/IEC 80079-34 requirements in providing Intrinsic Safety design and manufacturing of products used in these environments.

We work in accordance with the key Intrinsic Safety regulatory requirements of the ATEX Directive (EU) and the UL and Factory Mutual guidelines (US).


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