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Product Design Planning

A Detailed Look at the Product Requirements Document (PRD)

Launching a new product is no small task.

It’s a multi-step process that can’t be rushed. There’s too much at stake to cut corners or skip over important steps.

We know you want to get started quickly.

You probably have some idea or a sketch of what this product will look like, but it’s important to resist the temptation to just get started without the proper planning.

Planning is critical step in this process. It is your best bet for protecting your investment and developing a profit-making product that meets your expectation.

At the core of the planning process is the Product Requirements Document (PRD) – also known as as User Requirements Document (URS) which helps you to answer key questions and provides a road map for the entire manufacturing process.

By taking the time to complete your PRD, you will explore product functions, performance requirements, regulatory requirements, environmental factors and mechanical/electrical requirements.

At the end of this stage, you should have a set of top-level documents which detail the market requirements in the form of your PRD, as well as the design project schedule and budget.

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Here’s what we’ll cover in Stage 1 – Planning:

  • Product Requirements Document
  • Market
  • Functional
  • Performance
  • Statutory and Regulatory
  • Process
  • Industrial Design
  • Mechanical
  • Mechanical Interface
  • Electrical
  • Electrical Interface
  • General Software
  • User Interface
  • Environmental
  • Life Cycle
  • Reliability and Serviceability
  • Ancillary Equipment
  • Risk Management


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