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Contract Manufacturing Plus Everything Else You Might Need

Product Resources is, first and foremost, a contract manufacturer helping OEMs, design firms and innovation startups turn their product ideas into fully functional and marketable products.
We take a comprehensive approach to contract manufacturing. Our engineering and manufacturing teams are prepared to help you with:

We can help with product design too.

For the most part, clients come to us with their product idea fully developed in some form of prototype (alpha or beta).

But that is not required.

If your product idea is still in its early stages, we can help you with the product design planning, industrial design and early-stage prototype development – all leading up to the eventual manufacturing stage.

Product Resources has design experience with electronic instrumentation for pharmaceutical manufacturing, medical devices, industrial controls, and even design for products used in explosive atmospheres.

To learn more about our process, click here for our 6 stages of product manufacturing. We have videos, checklists and templates you can use to plan your own project.

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