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We’ll assemble your product and build your manufacturing infrastructure

When your prototype is ready and your manufacturing process has been tested, we can begin the manufacturing process. Product Resources provides manufacturing services on a contract basis

  • Product Assembly
    Product Resources brings the entire product design and development process under one roof in our 33,000-square foot facility in Newburyport, MA. Our manufacturing facility is equipped with a large, modern batch assembly area as well as work cells designed for continuous, higher-volume manufacturing.
  • Supply Chain Management
    An efficient manufacturing process requires a reliable supply chain that provides continual access to all parts, components and sub-assemblies. We have spent years building and maintaining our supply chain to ensure your manufacturing process can go without interruption.
  • Post-Manufacturing Service & Support
    Once your product has been manufactured, our work is not done. We also help you as you bring your product to market with product delivery, installation, training, calibration and repair. We can also provide you with your own repair/replacement parts depot for fast delivery to customers on demand.
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