The core competencies of a contract manufacturer

Finding the right contract manufacturer is a difficult, time-consuming process.

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There are no shortcuts. There’s a lot of research, a number of phone calls and interviews and perhaps a handful of in-person tours.

You have a lot of information to collect and sort out, a long list of candidates to whittle down and a handful of proposals to review and analyze.

As you review your candidates, you will want to know more about their:

  • Capabilities
  • Experience
  • Process
  • Personnel
  • Equipment/Technology
  • Capacity
  • Location

But here’s another consideration that may give you even more confidence in your selection process.

What are their core competencies?

Core competency is a business management concept that is often used to differentiate very similar businesses.

While many contract manufacturers offer similar services with similar equipment, capabilities and capacities, they all have developed expertise and skills in different areas.

They have demonstrated strengths and a proven track record with specific types of projects that give them a competitive advantage in head-to-head reviews.

Over time, this proficiency grows and become part of the company’s reputation.

These core competencies are not easily replicated by competitors.

Companies with a distinguishable core competency often standalone in their area of expertise.

So what are your core competencies?

Take some time to look at the work you’ve done and the industries you’ve served.

Try to identify the types of products that best fit your business model and capabilities.

Then position your business around those core competencies.


Here at Product Resources, we see our core competencies in our design and manufacturing of complex, technically advanced products.

Thanks to our deep, diverse and experienced engineering and manufacturing teams, we have had the privilege to design and build many highly complex instruments, devices and other products for scientific, medical and industrial companies.


Product Resources is a product design and manufacturing company specializing in complex instruments, devices and industrial equipment for scientific, medical and industrial companies.