Product Resources manufacturing team builds electronic boxes for medical radiation system

Product Resources provides turnkey product development and box build manufacturing solutions to the medical and scientific community.

In many cases, clients come to us with a product idea that needed to be designed and engineered, or a prototype that needs to be further developed for the manufacturing process.

In this particular case, the product development work was complete and fully documented.  Our role was confined to manufacturing.


The treatment and survival rates of cancer continue to improve with advances in science research and technology.

Today, transformative proton therapy is being recognized as the next evolution of radiation treatment for cancer.  This high powered method of proton therapy provides enhanced, direct beam quality and stability.

The proton beam is directed to target the affected area with minimal dose impact to areas not targeted for treatment.  This approach reduces the risk of possible side effects and complications that coincide with cancer treatment.

These systems are seen to have a higher level of reliability and increased up-time combined with lower capital and operating costs.


This radiation treatment system is a massive manufacturing project involving multiple suppliers and contract manufacturers.

All design and engineering work, as well as the documentation, were finalized before the project arrived.

Our challenge was simple and straightforward:  to build to the client’s exact specifications. 



As an ISO 9001 and 13485 contract manufacturer, Product Resources has extensive experience with short run, complex box build manufacturing.

The client’s radiation treatment system itself was beyond our scope of work.  Our assignment was to build a series of electronic control and power distribution modules – which would later be installed into the larger system.

Each box build assignment came with its own specifications and documentation.  And each followed our usual manufacturing protocol:

  • loading the documents into our ERP system
  • producing a bill of materials
  • sourcing all of the components from our supply chain

Product Resources maintains a network of some 600 approved suppliers.  We used 15-20 of those suppliers on this project.

Assembly and testing

As parts and components arrived from our suppliers, our electronic assembly team developed a quality plan that outlined the assembly process which included ongoing functional testing and sub-assembly testing, and final inspection.

For each completed module, we conducted Input/Output (I/O) response tests and provided the required test records and reporting to the client with delivery.

A focus on quality

Product Resources has an outstanding reputation of maintaining the highest levels of quality both in house and in the field. This includes ISO 9001 (for design and manufacturing) and ISO 13485 (for medical device manufacturing).

“This project fit very well with our manufacturing capabilities,” said Gerry Mace, Partner and VP of Manufacturing at Product Resources.  “The client provided us with very clear and specific instructions for building and testing these boxes.  And we’ve been able to follow them to their exact specifications.”

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