In supply chain management, something always goes wrong.

You can count on it.

This should not come as a surprise given how many different contractors and suppliers may be involved in a single project.

While you may do everything you can to prevent a disruption, the real challenge is being able to deal with the problem after it happens.

  • Were you prepared for the disruption?
  • Did you have benchmarks in place to identify problems before they could dramatically impact your schedule or budget?
  • Did you have a backup plan in place?
  • Were you able to quickly trace the problem back to a particular part or supplier?

Supply Chain Management is a complex business that requires oversight and supervision of many moving parts.

In this Guide, we’ve identified 7 common pitfalls of supply chain management and how they could adversely affect your supply chain process.

As a supply chain manager, your success is based less by what goes wrong, and more by how you handle the inevitable problems along the way.

With the right systems in place, with a consistent process of checks and balances, you will be able to identify problems early and take corrective measures to minimize the disruption of your project.

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