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We’ll turn your idea into a working prototype ready for efficient, repeatable manufacturing

You have an idea for a new product – maybe a sketch or a detailed design.  This would be a good time for us to talk.  We can take your idea or design and help you take it through the full design process right up to the point of manufacturing.

We specialize in developing complex products including medical devices, biopharma instrumentation and industrial automation products.

Product design is a complex process but we’ve been through it many times before.

  • Industrial Design
    This begins with an extensive planning process to determine the exact requirements of your product. This helps to develop a detailed design plan and anticipate potential risks that are likely to be encountered. In the end, you’ll have finished design (usually in CAD) along with a completed Product Requirements Document (PRD).
  • Prototype Development
    With your design in place, we will begin to develop a working prototype that will help demonstrate the product’s functionality as a physical product. We typically develop a beta prototype for review by your team as well as your potential customers, the regulators and other interested parties
  • Design for Manufacturability (DFM)
    An approved prototype is an important step, but it doesn’t mean your product is ready for manufacturing. There’s another step involved called Design for Manufacturing, or DFM, which is used to prepare your product for manufacturing on a larger scale.  It is how we find the most efficient way to manufacture your product with consistency.
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