Product Realization


Bringing a product to market is not a trivial task. Our customers have enough to do identifying the market, defining the product capabilities and selling the product. Turning the product concept and specifications into a saleable product is where Product Resources can be used to greatest effect.

Our customer can enlist Product Resources at any point in the Product Realization Process. We have the capability and resources to take a product from a “back of the napkin” sketch through high volume production. We are also just as happy to take a fully designed product, build it exactly as desiged, and work with our customers to design quality into the product while driving cost out of the product.

There are three themes which are interleaved throughout the process – Quality, Teamwork, and Communication. At every design review, every validation test, every stagegate, every point in the process, those three themes are paramount. Product Resources’ ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 Quality Systems form the framework, but Teamwork and Communication are the key to hitting the project milestones and metrics.

Product Concept:

You conceive, we deliver. Even if you have nothing more than an idea for a new product, it is not too early to talk to us. We can begin to make a contribution at the point where your new product is only a sketch on the back of an envelope.

We can help you define the “form, fit, and function” of your product, giving you the information that you need to decide the optimum balance of features and cost of manufacture. Our industrial designers can show you how your finished product will look and feel. We can build models and 3D computer simulations, and give you a selection of concepts to choose from.

Our project managers, engineers and designers will meet with you to help to refine the product concept and build a roadmap to production.

Our product development processes will allow you the opportunity to concentrate on your market, product features, and product performance, while utilizing our talent to turn your requirements into a reliable, timely product.

Concept Offerings:

  • Industrial Design
  • CAD Modeling
  • Software Flow Design
  • Regulatory Requirement Reviews
  • Concept Reviews

User Requirements (Product) Specification:

“If it isn’t written down – it didn’t happen.”

It is vitally important that the requirements for the product be documented at the outset of the Product Development Process. Product Resources has years of experience in writing specifications which properly define the product requirements.

We can help you identify the primary cost drivers and the metrics which are critical to the product performance. This will aid you in deciding which of the product requirements are merely “nice to have” as opposed to “must have”.

There are many non-trivial details that must be identified before a product can move into manufacturing. Product performance is the most easily identified part of the specification, but regulatory requirements, especially CE marking for European sales, environmental limits, packaging design requirements, serialization, and labeling must all be detailed so that the product may be completely designed. The goal of writing the specifications is that at the end of the design process we are ready for production, not another round of design updates.

Product Resources works with its customers to develop and agree on the Product Specifications so that everyone in the Product Realization Process understands the tasks, and there is an objective, documented standard available to qualify the product design and the manufacturing process.

Specification Details:

  • Product Performance
  • Accuracy
  • Precision
  • Efficiency…..
  • User Functionality
  • Environmental Limits
  • Regulatory Requirements
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 13485
  • CE Marking
  • FCC
  • UL, CSA
  • ATEX
  • Intrinsic Safety
  • 21 CFR 11
  • 21 CFR 820…..
  • Weight
  • Packaging Specifications
  • Labeling
  • Serialization, Lot Control, Device History File Requirements

Proof of Concept Prototype:

With any product, there is always new ground to be broken either to drive the cost down with new technology, or to invent a new way of measuring or sensing. This preliminary design and prototype phase will encompass those areas of research which need to be shown to work before investing the effort in the detail design.

Product Resources has the experience and the skilled technical personnel to design and build a prototype which will demonstrate the viability of the technology.

Product Resources uses CAD tools to perform computer based modeling of the product so that the first prototype will fit together with a minimum of modification. This computer modeling cuts months off of the design cycle time and allows the product idea to get to market that much faster.

Product Resources also has an extensive library of software tools, routines and algorithms which can be used to develop new systems quickly. We have developed our own RTOS which can be tailored to your product quickly, and more importantly will give your product the best performance. For systems on PC based platforms, we have extensive experience with many standard operating systems.

All this experience can be used to develop a prototype quickly and accurately.

Prototype Capabilities:

  • CAD System Modeling
  • Solidworks
  • AutoCAD
  • OrCad
  • SLA Models for mechanical mock-up
  • Prototype Printed Circuit Boards
  • Embedded Software
  • 8051 systems
  • 68000, HC11 systems
  • MSP430 systems
  • MSC1210 systems
  • Assembly Language
  • C
  • RTOS
  • 21 CFR 11
  • Other Software and operating systems
  • C, C++, Pascal
  • MS-DOS
  • Windows
  • Linux

Product Design:

With a “Proof of Concept” Prototype and the research into appropriate technologies complete, the process can proceed into the Detail Design phase.

In this phase, the Technology, Product Specifications, and Regulatory Requirements are used to develop the product design. To do a proper job on the design, we must consider the components chosen not only for their performance characteristics, suitability for manufacture and cost, but also their life cycle.

The design process also requires significant collaboration with our customer and our suppliers. Product Resources’ Web Collaboration Tools are particularly well suited for keeping the project on track and keeping everyone informed. Progress on the design of the product and customer assent to design choices can be handled during the day to day design and not held up until meetings can be arranged.

It is important to consider that Quality cannot be imposed on a product after it is designed – the quality must be designed into the product. The design of the product and its manufacturing process must be planned so that 100% Quality is the inevitable outcome.

Design Offering:

  • Industrial
  • Electronic and Mixed Signal
  • Mechanical
  • Instrumentation
  • Embedded Software
  • Web Enabled Product
  • Database Software
  • Design Verification

Manufacturing Process Design:

The manufacturing facility and process design is often overlooked during the product development cycle. If you consider the manufacturing facility to be the machine that produces your product, it stands to reason that you want this machine to be properly designed, easily maintained, and flexible.

These days, your customers demand product that is of the highest quality. It isn’t difficult to find a shop which can assemble a few units, inspect the quality into them, and ship them for short money. But if your product needs to be built so that the last one off the line is exactly like the first, you must have your manufacturing process under control. That level of control is attained through solid design of the manufacturing process controls.

Manufacturing Considerations:

  • Quality System
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 13485
  • 21 CFR 820
  • Product Performance Requirements
  • Process Design and Process Validation
  • Test Requirements
  • Automated Functional Testing
  • Calibration
  • Test Records and Traceability
  • UL, CSA and other Safety Testing
  • Serialization, Lot Control, Device History File Requirements

Design Verification:

The design verification is one of the most significant quality steps in our Product Development Process. At this stage in the design process, the product, product design, and manufacturing process design is checked and verified to show that the product as designed and manufactured will meet the product specifications.

This verification activity includes design reviews, testing, and regulatory approval. Product Resources has the personnel and facilities to perform much of the environmental and performance testing. We also work with regulatory agencies to gain approval of product under Intrinsic Safety Regulations, and to show compliance with CE directives so that product can be marked for sale in Europe.

Regulatory Experience:

  • CE Marking
  • Intrinsic Safety
  • ATEX
  • MSHA
  • UL
  • FM

Product Validation:

With the initial production design complete and some pre-production prototypes available, the product can be validated against the product specifications and more importantly, the marketing claims.

Without a doubt, this is the most overlooked part of Product Realization Process. How many times have you launched a product to have the marketing team say “You built what we asked for, but not what we wanted”. The friction between the marketing claims and the product specification are at the root of this problem.

Once the product has been designed and Beta prototypes produced, it is important to test the product to be sure that it performs its intended function. In some cases, the marketing claims are well documented, in others it is described in product brochures and data sheets.

It is more typical for our customers to want to perform the product validation in their own lab or under field conditions. Product Resources has the engineering capability to perform these functions, or to assist our customer in validating the product.

Product Life Cycle Planning:

Product Life Cycle (PLC) planning not only includes the development stages and product introduction, but also includes planning for product updates, spare parts, ancillary material and accessories, service and repair. At some point, the product may be replaced by an upgraded product, or other products may be introduced to form an entire product line. Eventually, the product is discontinued and withdrawn from the market.

Product Resources handles all of the requirements for ancillary material and accessories, spare parts, and service and repair.

The “end of life” and withdrawal of a product seems easy, but there can be significant issues to be handled. In many countries, spare parts must be available, or an upgrade path must be available for 7 years after the last sale of new product. This must be considered in the design of the product and planned carefully when the product is withdrawn. Customers are unlikely to purchase your new products if they have been abandoned with their older models.

Product Resources can handle the product line from the product’s introduction, until your customers no longer need support for the product.


Once the product design is completed and the manufacturing process planning and product testing are under control, the transfer to our manufacturing facility is seamless and completely free of the problems which usually occur when a product is designed by one organization and manufactured by another. Product Resources will take the entire responsibility for the procurement of material, management of suppliers, product assembly, quality assurance and packing for shipment.

We will set up an assembly line or work cell, hire and train assemblers and technicians as required and build the product in our world class production facility.

Sustaining Services:

Our responsibility for your product does not end when it leaves our factory. Product Resources has a fully equipped and staffed service and repair division, which is available to perform both in-warranty and out of warranty service, repair, and calibration. Our technicians will be fully trained to perform fast, reliable repair and re-calibration of your product. This service can be set up to be entirely transparent to your customers.

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