John Erickson

Mr. Erickson is the President and CEO of Product Resources, Inc. in Newburyport, Massachusetts.

He has over 30 years of engineering, engineering management and corporate management experience with Product Resources.

Product Resources is an ISO 9001 certified engineering and manufacturing company.

Product Resources designs and manufactures Computer-Based Process and Quality Assurance instruments for the pharmaceutical industry, Intrinsically Safe instrumentation and controls for the environmental, petrochemical, and coal mining industries, Aviation Instrumentation for airports, and Robotics for the life sciences industry.

Product Resources also manufactures products for the Medical Industry under our ISO 13485 Quality System.

He holds three patents for products developed by Product Resources.

Prior to Product Resources, he was employed at Ionics, Inc. in Watertown, Massachusetts, as the Product Engineering Manager.  As one of Ionics’ water treatment systems experts, he traveled around the US, Europe, and the Middle East to manage the installation and commissioning of multi-million-gallon per day treatment plants for various industrial and public water customers.  He was directly responsible for managing the product engineering department which had the responsibility to design, develop and document Ionics’ standard product line of EDR (Electro-Dialysis Reversal) water treatment systems.  These systems involved all of the pumping, piping, process control, power distribution, and instrumentation required to demineralize water.

His first position after graduation from college was a “Toolpusher” for a drilling contractor in the offshore oil industry in New Orleans, Louisiana.  The Toolpusher is responsible for managing drilling operations on the rig.  These operations included supplying the rig with material and provisions, organizing the crew to operate and maintain the rig, and most importantly, to drill a hole in the ocean floor to explore for gas and oil.

Mr. Erickson resides in Middleton, Massachusetts with his wife Mary Ann and children Jane and Will.  He has been a member of the Middleton Finance Committee since 1998.

Mr. Erickson is a 1981 graduate of M.I.T. with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.

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